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Bell X1 were named after the first aircraft to break the sound barrier, flown in 1947 by Chuck Yeager. Jagermeister is a particularly evil spirit that has no place in any reputable establishment, unlike gin. “Gin and tonic dressing gown…” is a lyric from Bell X1′s debut album, Neither Am I, released in 2000 in Ireland. Ireland used to be poor, was blingin’ for a while there, and now it’s in a bit of a jocker with the old big R. Releasing their second album Music in Mouth in 2003, the band toured with many recording artists of note, including Bon Jovi and Elliot Smith in the same week – inspiring them to make small music with big hair. Hair-and-shoes bands kept getting in the way there for a while, but they’ve learned to deal with that, and don’t seem to mind so much.

Much rejoicing was had when in October 2005, the third record, Flock, went to number 1 in the Irish pop charts. Charts don’t really interest them, but don’t all bands say that, and deep down they care. Careful to cover all ground this time, Flock was the first record to be released across continental Europe and North America, and the band spent most of 2008 playing shows there and being on the telly. Telly shows they’ve performed on include Conan O Brien, David Letterman and Craig Fergusen, and The OC, Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill have all featured their music to accompany scenes of heart-wrenching drama.

Drama and big changes were afoot as Bell X1 left Island records in 2007 to set up their own label, BellyUp records, and released Tour de Flock, a live DVD and album recording of their triumphant homecoming show at the Point Depot, Dublin. Dublin is where the recorded 2009′s album, Blue Lights on the Runway, which debuted #1 and featured the single The Great Defector. Bell X1′s new album Bloodless Coup was released worldwide on April 1st 2011.

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